Welcome to Bon Accord Life

homeftEver wonder what it must feel like to know that you have it covered… Peace of mind that tomorrow is taken care of? Today is the perfect day to make it happen. We’re committed to protecting your tomorrow. Welcome to Bon Accord Life.

At Bon Accord Life we are only too aware of the importance of protecting our loved ones and our homes against the eventualities of what life can bring. Established in 2008 with a solid and reputable background in the financial services industry, we know the difference between customer care and simply making sales. Without our customers we simply wouldn’t exist and we promise to do everything possible to make your experience beneficial. We are completely independent and we will compare insurance providers from across the UK market to ensure that you receive the right product at the very lowest price. We have built up exceptional relationships with the biggest players in UK life insurance culminating in one of the widest product ranges offered by any UK Life Insurance broker. Committed to finding you the best deal, we will provide you with insurance quotes that are frequently cheaper than what you could get by going to your bank, your mortgage advisor or even the same insurance provider directly. We will not charge you any fees for arranging your cover, as if you decide to proceed with a policy then we would be paid by your chosen provider directly.

You’ll be pleased at how knowledgeable and efficient our team are, making your first call less daunting. Our highly trained team are true experts in our field, so we encourage you to ask all the questions you have before you make your final decision. We’re not pushy, but instead committed to finding you the most competitive premiums for a policy that meets your personal needs. We hope to build our relationship with you for as long as possible and hope that in time your family and friends will also join us on your personal recommendation and in return we would be delighted to provide you with £30 in vouchers*.

We would be delighted to give you a free quote with no obligation. There’s no better day than today to know that tomorrow is covered. We look forward to speaking to you.