Shareholder Protection Insurance

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  • Shareholder Protection Insurance means if a Shareholder dies or suffers a Critical Illness the company can buy the shares of the co-owner or their family
  • Cross-option agreement to allow a fair trade of shares
  • Can be offset against Corporation Tax
  • We compare all leading UK providers
  • Qualified expert advice at no cost to you or your business

Shareholder Protection Insurance

What happens to your shares or your company, if you or your business partner dies?

Shareholder Protection is extremely important as it provides a lump sum in the event of death (or critical illness) to ensure that the company can buy the shares of the relevant business co-owner.

Not having Shareholder Protection could potentially be devastating for the structure business if such an occurrence should ever happen.

If a co-owner or shareholder were to die, the shares could go into the deceased estate and commonly be inherited by the spouse (or partner). Shareholder Protection ensures you can keep control of the business should a co-owner die or suffer a critical illness.

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